Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ghetto Tubeless - Take 1

I set up Tristan's front wheel with a new tire and a home tubeless conversion.  I used a 20" BMX tube stretched into the rim, sliced and spread open, tire seated into it, 2 cups Stan's brew, blow up, and trim.  Net loss 140g from previous setup, mind you I used a much lighter tire.  But over a quarter pound loss on a kid's wheel will feel good.

Spoiler alert:  this is not me in the video.
 I had issues with my pump and my new old compressor and compatibility with presta and ... so the job took a lot longer than expected.  Still, I got to spend some quality time with my apron on and the evocative smell of name-brand tire sealant.  Kids weren't too interested, so kudos to Ramona for doing a bit more than usual for a Sunday afternoon.

Snow tonight - maybe storm day tomorrow?  


  1. you forgot to mention that each of his tires are now 2 pounds lighter then each of my tires on my town bike... That is a significant amount.... I guess mine really is a workout bike ;-)

  2. You got it. Cheaper than a Bowflex, too.